Innovating in the instant payments landscape

Unlocking value-add creation through instant payments infrastructure

7 March |  11:50am GMT | QEII Centre

The digital age is about everything instant, and with ISO 20022 adoption spreading across the globe the payments landscape is no exception. But beyond facilitating interoperability and instant payments, ISO 20022 offers a data-rich language, unlocking a wealth of information and increased transparency with the potential to generate deeper insights.

The next step for banks, acquirers, issuers and payment networks alike, is to harness the insights from payments data to innovate in real-time and act as the digital front door to a wide array of hyper-personalised value-added services. This roundtable aims to bring together experts in cards, payments, strategy and operations to explore how the industry can modernise and simplify its payments infrastructure to exploit new data, expand partnerships and drive value in real-time.

What we will explore

  • The instant payments landscape: where are we on the journey to full-scale global adoption?
  • ISO 20022 opportunities: how can banks, acquirers and issuers best leverage increased data?
  • Innovating in the instant era: what does value-adding and personal look like in a real-time world?
  • Taking instant innovation further: what are the opportunities for payments, from open ecosystem partnerships to digital currencies?
In person Roundtable event MoneyLIVE Summit


Connie Blacklock - MoneyLIVE

Connie Blacklock

Executive Director, EMEA Head of Real Time Payments, JP Morgan Payments

Ashish Bhatnagar, Head of Cards & Payments, Cognizant

Ashish Bhatnagar

Head of Cards & Payments, Cognizant

Shreegopal Ramakrishnan Head of Cards and Payments Consulting, Cognizant UK&I

Shreegopal Ramakrishnan

Head of Cards and Payments Consulting, UK & I, Cognizant


7 March | 11:50am GMT
60 minutes
Welcome and participant introductions


  • From the EU instant payments mandate to FedNow: how has the migration to instant varied globally?
  • Spotlight on cross-border transactions: where are we on the journey to instant cross-border payments?
  • Migrating from batch-based to real-time processes: what are the pain points to overcome?
  • Harnessing data from ISO 20022 adoption: what new insights can we glean from purpose codes?
  • The need for speed: how can analytics and automation be accelerated to achieve real-time action?
  • Leveraging AI across the value chain: how can personalised offerings be automated with next gen tech?
  • Using enriched transaction insights: what new services and personalised offerings could ISO unlock?
  • How can ecosystem plays boost value-add creation from invisible payments to hyper-personalisation?
  • Blue sky thinking: where might future payments innovation lead, from CBDCs and NFTs to smart contracts?

Closing remarks

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