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Direct, digital, embedded: digital banking strategies for today and tomorrow upcoming webinar

Direct, digital, embedded: digital banking strategies for today and tomorrow

17 January | 12pm EST | Online

In the face of today’s digital revolution and escalating CX expectations, banks find themselves at a strategic crossroads: is it enough to simply modernize existing channels…or is it time to design a brand new, digital-only offering?

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MoneyLIVE Summit

MoneyLIVE Summit

London on 6-7 March 2024

MoneyLIVE Summit sets the agenda for the future of banking and payments. This is where ground-breaking ideas are born, powerful partnerships are forged and game-changing solutions are discovered. 

MoneyLIVE North America

Chicago on September 16-17 2024

With banking & payments leaders across the USA and Canada making up the lion’s share of the audience, MoneyLIVE North America is the banking conference where you can uncover transformational strategies that leave the competition behind.

MoneyLIVE North America
MoneyLIVE Nordic Banking

MoneyLIVE Nordic Banking

Copenhagen on 22-23 October 2024

Take innovation to new heights, be inspired by visionaries and ensure you’re at the centre of it all.

The ideas sparked at MoneyLIVE Nordic Banking will set the bar for future innovations – will you be part of the conversation?

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The future of instant payments with the Director General, European Payments Council

The Director General at the European Payments Council shares his thoughts on the instant payments landscape, from the impact on the global payments value chain to the new OCT Inst Scheme.

Eileen Nah - MoneyLIVE
Eileen Nah - MoneyLIVE

In the run up to MoneyLIVE Payments Europe, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of our upcoming content: First up, we’ve got Pierre-Antoine Vacheron, CEO Payments, Groupe BPCE on everything ecommerce.

Payments regulation: friend or foe?

Is regulation bad for payments innovation; does it drain resources that could otherwise be used to develop the next big thing? Not necessarily says Simon Eacott Head of Payments at NatWest. In fact regulation can help drive new thinking and improve efficiency – the key is your mindset.

Eileen Nah - MoneyLIVE
Eileen Nah - MoneyLIVE

Top Three Trends from FinTech Guru, Alex Johnson

Don’t get left behind – get the low down on the biggest banking trends by reading our latest industry interview with Alex Johnson, author and creator of FinTech newsletter, FinTech Takes. From the hottest innovation in the industry right now, to the greatest threat to banks and the top company to watch in the BigTech arena, read Alex’s take on the latest hot topics in this fascinating interview!

Full steam ahead: meeting rising customer expectations amidst economic uncertainty

With changes in ways of working, the gig economy and other socio-economic factors over the last few years, consumer lifestyle has changed massively. Flexibility is now essentual when delivering products and services. We spoke to Kevin Mountford, Co-Founder of Raisin UK how banks should be keeping pace with rising customer demands while navigating an economically challenging environment.

Eileen Nah - MoneyLIVE
Eileen Nah - MoneyLIVE

CBDCs: Making the basics work

Like several other economies, the Bank of England and HM Treasury are currently investigating the potential to develop a CBDC for the UK. Lee McNabb, Natwest, discusses the top three considerations for the industry before issuing CBDCs.

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The open data imperative: personalised banking in a real-time world

Now available to watch on-demand

Watch this webinar to discover how banks stay relevant and ahead of the innovation curve by harnessing the untapped potential of today’s open ecosystem through unified and real-time data insights.

The open data imperative: personalised banking in a real-time world image