solarisBank is a B2B banking-as-a-service platform based in Berlin. The company was founded in 2016 after receiving a full banking license from the German regulator within 9 months. solarisBank enables fintechs, corporates and banks to offer fully digital and fully compliant financial products through their API-accessible platform. Banks, for instance, can use solarisBank’s platform to launch digital products in order to drastically decrease their time to market. We see the future of incumbent banks as becoming more open to innovative partnerships and leveraging various forms of business process outsourcing. Due to the nature of solarisBank being a tech company with a full banking license, we see ourselves as the perfect partner to cover both the technological and legal challenges involved in innovative banking. solarisBank already works with Albarak Türk, a Turkish incumbent bank, and Moneyou, the digital brand of ABN Amro. Next to these couple of examples, we partner with more than 50 other fintechs, e-commerce companies and corporates.

How do we empower our banking partners to be innovative? solarisBank enabled Albaraka Türk to build a mobile-first neo bank in continental Europe by offering a full digital banking infrastructure of accounts and debit cards, on which Albaraka built their own challenger bank brand (called ‘insha’). Where Insha completely steers the brand, the customer-facing front-end and additional services, solarisBank stays in the background with our regulatory and technological expertise.

In turn, Moneyou was interested in launching a fully digital consumer lending product in Germany as fast as possible. For this, they relied on solarisBank’s white-label consumer loan infrastructure and fast identification process. As a result, they were able to bring their product to the market within just a few months.

Besides digital banking & cards as well as consumer lending, solarisBank also offers white-label products in the fields of SME lending, payments and KYC such as a fully digital business KYC.

solarisBank is led by CEO Dr. Roland Folz, board members Jörg Diewald and Andreas Bittner, as well as CFO Alexander Engel and CPO Dr. Jörg Howein. To date, solarisBank has raised more than EUR 95 million from renowned investors, including BBVA, Visa, ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund, Arvato Financial Solutions, SBI Group, Lakestar and Finleap.

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