About Kuliza:

Kuliza is a leading provider of Digital transformation and Operational intelligence solutions for enterprises. Kuliza combines its digital transformation suite comprising of Omni-channel workflow engine, Rendering engine, Rule engine and Integration broker with its Operational Intelligence suite comprising of Cognitive Data Hub and AI driven operational efficiency modules to provide end to end solutions to both digitise and automate any given business process while having a significant impact on both top-line and bottom line of enterprises.In its 11 years of existence, Kuliza has executed more than 100 digital transformation projects for global startups and industry-leading global enterprises.

Kuliza’s Lend.In:

Kuliza Lend.In is an end-to-end lending solution that covers origination, credit assessment, loan management and operational intelligence modules that work hand in hand with each other and powered by the same semantically driven metadata layer that provides seamless data movement between modules thus increasing the overall efficiency of these systems while decreasing the cost and go-to-market time for customers.The suite within a year of being launched has already been used to sanction more than a million consumer/business loans by our customers and has received several accolades including the prestigious Technoviti award by Banking Frontiers and E&Y.

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