Sanjeev Bhatti

Sanjeev Bhatti

Principal - Product Manager - Direct Clearing and Emerging Payments, BNY Mellon

Sanjeev Bhatti joined the Bank of New York Mellon in 2018 and is a member of the Payments Product team and is a director on the board of SWIFT UK. Sanjeev is responsible for managing GBP payments globally and USD payments for EMEA.  He is especially interested in the strategic direction of the payments industry and product innovation and the use of new technologies to improve client experience through improved functionality and reduced complexity.  

He is active in several industry groups at the Bank of England, UK Finance, Pay.UK and is a member of the board of SWIFT UK. He has worked on transformative industry projects such as the migration to ISO20022, Confirmation of Payee and increases in the Contactless payment limit in the UK. Before joining the Bank of New York Mellon, he spent ten years at two UK banks. He has extensive experience of working across lines of business and geographies to develop market-leading products.  

Before his career in Banking he worked in the pharmaceutical industry where he held multiple strategic roles focused on strategies for launching new pharmaceutical products. He then founded a consultancy that developed economic models for multinational pharmaceutical companies to help them better communicate the value of new products. 


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