Weighing in on wealth management: in conversation with Harman Johal

In conversation with Harman Johal, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, US Bank


Published: 24 August 2023

By May Moorwood

Digital Content Producer

We spoke to Harman Johnal, Senior Vice President at US Bank about the current state of play in wealth management. Harman gave us the lowdown on how digitalisation is impacting the wealth space, from the rate of digital-direct growth to the benefits and challenges of digital when considering customer experience and client relations.

Watch to gain insight on:

  • How has the last decade been for US Wealth Management?
  • To what extent are wealth management firms keeping pace with today’s digital-first world?
  • How could digital be used to enhance experiences for both clients and relationship managers?
  • How can banks ensure that digital services don’t compromise all-important client relations and tailored experiences?

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Harman Johal

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, US Bank



Harman’s story is one of life-long learning and a strong work ethic. He began his career as a journalist and freelancer in India. After moving to the U.S. nearly twenty years ago, Harman rewrote his professional plan by becoming a financial advisor. He had always been taught the importance of learning and being open to new experiences by his parents, who were university professors. Drawing on their teachings and inspiration, Harman started a new chapter helping clients reach their financial goals.

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