Value transfer in the metaverse and beyond: in conversation with Paul Hsu

In conversation with Paul Hsu, Founder and CEO, Decasonic


Published: 24 August 2023

By May Moorwood

Digital Content Producer

After this year’s event in Chicago, we spoke to one of our amazing speakers, Paul Hsu, founder and CEO of Decasonic. Paul gave us the insider scope on the emerging forms of value transfer in mixed reality and the metaverse, from Apple’s release of spatial computing technology to anticipating the future of digital currencies, virtual real estate and metaverse assets.

Watch to gain insight on:

  • CDBCs on the rise: is this going to increase customer adoption of virtual forms of value transfer in mixed reality and the metaverse?
  • To what extent is virtual real-estate a currency of the future?
  • From hype to reality: to what extent can we expect virtual assets to hold their value after metaverse novelty has diminished?
  • Will metaverse assets ever be non-speculative – are stable coins the answer to stabilising potential metaverse value transfer?

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Paul Hsu

Founder and CEO, Decasonic



Paul Hsu is Founder and CEO of Decasonic, the venture and digital assets fund building blockchain innovation. As a tech investor and operator, Paul partners with outlier founders to accelerate product market fit and systematically scale early stage companies. Paul has been a blockchain investor since 2013.

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