The cost-of-living-crisis has thrown financial wellbeing into the spotlight; Gen Z are bringing new, heightened CX expectations to the table; and the ‘Uberfication’ of everything digital is raising the benchmark for value-added services. The question is – what does this mean for the modern-day bank?

This broadcast explores the ultimate product management and innovation strategies needed for banks to harness the commercial opportunities of third-party data, services and channels in today’s connected and customer-centric world.

Watch to gain insight on:

  • From robo-advice to embedded finance: the next stage for value-added banking
  • Embedded finance beyond payments: the new avenues for innovation
  • Launching cross-industry offerings: unlocking the potential of bundles and partnerships
  • Rethinking internal approaches: the optimal product management strategy for value creation

  • From predictive budgeting to robo-advice: what now and where next for VAS?
  • The embedded finance boom: where do embedded experiences add the most value?
  • Personalised contextual offers: striking the balance between helpful and intrusive
  • Leveraging the ecosystem: what new VAS opportunities can third-party data, products and channels unlock?
  • Taking banking cross-industry: where are the biggest opportunities for value-added product and service bundling
  • Accelerating innovation and creating life-centric offers: what does next-gen product management look like?
  • Super-app in sight: envisioning the role of the bank in tomorrow’s embedded, connected and customer-centric world
Embedded, cross-industry, value-adding: the making of a modern-day bank webinar

Panellists include:


Carolyne Gregory
Carolyne Gregory
Head of Product Management (Homes Ecosystem)
Lloyds Banking Group
Lirka Bibezic
Lirka Bibezic
Head of Product Management
BNP Paribas
Sergiu Negut
Sergiu Negut
Co-Founder, CSO

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