Towards hyper-personalised banking customer journeys: the power of Gen AI

6 March | 11:15am GMT | QEII Centre, London

ChatGPT has made its mark and the financial services industry is adapting to the new tech paradigm, where generative AI dominates innovative thinking. But underneath the buzzwords and hype, banks are now looking to go beyond experimental implementation and bring generative AI solutions into the mainstream. With customers demanding higher quality experiences at an increasingly faster pace, coupled with the complexity of multiple channels, formats and regulations, banks need to revolutionize the way they think about content.

This roundtable will bring together experts in CX and marketing from retail banks to explore how generative AI can transform end-to-end customer journeys, enhance operational efficiency and help build a scalable content supply chain, while delivering hyper-personalised offers and creating next-gen customer content.

What will we explore

- Transform end-to-end journeys from onboarding to omnichannel experiences
- Power personalisation by delivering tailored content at scale
- Optimise the content supply chain by building streamlined and scalable processes
- Reducing time to knowledge for employees


Anu Bailey

Anu Bailey

Director of customer Strategy
Leeds Building Society
Simon Murray

Simon Murray

Practice Lead FSI, Digital Strategy Group
Richard Curtis

Richard Curtis

Principal Solutions Consultant


6 March | 11:15am GMT
60 minutes

Welcome and participant introductions


- From pilots to full operationalisation: where have firm CX use-cases for generative AI now been established?
- Defining first-class onboarding: what does ‘good’ look like in today’s tech era and how can generative AI help?
- Generative AI-powered chatbots: how do these enhance the customer experience?
- Personalising in a modern marketing era: how can generative AI scale and adapt messaging across media?
- Bridging the gaps: how can generative AI ensure a smooth and tailored experience across channels?
- Spotlight on data: what role does generative AI have when curating a unified profile of your customer?
- The artificially intelligent marketer: how can generative AI transform content creation and messaging?
- Unifying the content supply chain: using generative AI to streamline and scale CX processes

Closing remarks

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