Perfios Software Solutions

Perfios ( is the leading Product-Technology company in the FinTech space enabling businesses in real-time decisioning, analysis and credit underwriting Perfios has built an extensible data platform which can handle data from various sources with a capability to extract, curate, clean and analyze the data building various domain intensive solutions. Leveraging the extensible data platform and using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Perfios processes data real time running deep analytics to come up with insightful reports for varied use cases.

Perfios Insights solutions is being used by various FIs for a long time with most stringent SLAs and with *ZERO* incidence of any security/privacy issues. Perfios has grown to serve 200+ FIs which include almost all the Large Banks, Progressive NBFCs, Insurance Companies, Alternate Lending agencies, Asset management companies. The data platform and the solutions are being used by both large Banks and smallest of the fintech players, demonstrating its ability to service/scale up to the needs of different customers.

Perfios is a category creator and technology leader with it’s innovative solution and product offering for businesses in the BFSI industry, solving various business problems and also help mitigate the pain points faced by financial institutions (FIs) across. Perfios data platform is used by almost all leading Banks, NBFCs and fintech companies in India. Perfios is also present with it’s solutions in the APAC region and are already live with few customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and also in the middle east (UAE).




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