Tran Nhat Minh

Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Vietnam International Bank

Mr. Minh Nhat Tran serves as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Information Officer of Vietnam International Bank (VIB). Prior to join VIB, Mr. Tran held significant management positions such as General Director, Managing Director, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in different companies. His expertise ranges from Business Administration to Information Technology (IT).

At the bank, Mr. Tran is in charge of Digital banking with the mission to evolve VIB into the leading digital bank in Vietnam by directly planning and monitoring digital projects that involve IT solutions, applying the most innovative technologies to enhance services quality as well as customer experience with the expectation to reduce the bank cost and increase revenue.

In the past period, VIB has also proved itself to be successful in this market segment with some achievements such as its mobile app myVIB was awarded with a lot of national and international prizes since 2015 to 2017; VIB is also the first bank to launch online account opening which bring customers seamless experience by doing such process without going to the bank; besides, VIB is also among the first ones to focus on digital marketing for expanding their image to customers and focus on acquiring and converting sales through digital channels.

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