Taavi Tamkivi

Chief Executive Officer, Salv

Every day financial bad guys get smarter while financial good guys run into regulatory hurdles and sleepy technology that slows them down at every turn.

Taavi, one part maths nerd, one part crimefighter wants to change that. Taavi led Fraud, Revenue Assurance, and Consumer Analytics teams at Skype. He went on to build AML, Fraud and KYC teams in TransferWise. He even got himself a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics, but all these things only felt like tiny drops in a huge ocean of undetected financial crime—not nearly enough. Which is why Taavi founded his own AML software company, Dataminer—partnering with banks and Fintechs to cure the world of financial crime.

Taavi’s team of AML, engineering, and data science experts at Dataminer help Fintechs mitigate AML risks as well as outsmart⁠ the bad guys. All while dramatically reducing money laundering, increasing MRLOs’ sleep quality, and enabling the good guys to finally get ahead. Taavi is CEO of Dataminer and is still glad he never finished his PhD program. Fighting crime is way more important.

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