Sundeep Tengur

Senior Business Solutions Manager - Banking Fraud & Financial Crime, SAS

Sundeep is a senior banking fraud solutions manager within the Fraud and Security Intelligence business unit at SAS. His key objectives include presales advisory, providing guidance on industry best practice, educating prospective clients on various fraud modus operandi and designing end to end solutions to mitigate fraud risks. He supports key banking and financial organisations across UK&I, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

Before joining SAS, Sundeep was a senior fraud consultant at Experian where he devised fraud mitigation strategies for Tier 1 UK banks. Prior to that, he has worked for large consulting organisations such as Accenture as a software engineer. Sundeep holds a degree in Information Systems as well as a Masters degree in Computer Security Forensics and Risk Management. He is a Certified Financial Crime Specialist and also holds industry certifications in Anti-Money Laundering and Retail Banking Conduct of Business.

His areas of specialism include fraud risk management for all types of retail banking fraud (namely application fraud, transactional fraud, internal fraud incl. procurement and expenses fraud).

Sundeep speaks French as a second language. He enjoys travelling, photography and Asian cuisine.

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