Stuart Smith

Executive Director – Head of Regional Engagement Platforms & User Experience Design, United Overseas Bank

Stuart is an internationally recognised leader in Digital Transformation, Innovation and Design. He has over 20 years of experience spanning innovation in major private, public, and startup organisations around the world, in many sectors. He was CEO of a Global Innovation & Design Company for over a decade delivering a wide range of projects for clients in all sectors. He is currently Executive Director & Regional Head of Engagement & User Experience Design at UOB Digital Bank.

Before UOB Stuart was the Chief of Digital Innovation & Design at National University Singapore (NUS) Institute of System Science. He led, designed and delivered an extensive executive education, consulting programme in Digital Design & Innovation. Over 6000 professionals from all industry sectors have passed through this programme and several high profile innovation projects have been completed. In January 2016 Forrester Research identified the programme as “leading the way in Asia”.

Stuart originally trained in Environmental Technology & Law at Imperial College, London and then graduated into building automated Air Pollution Sensor Networks and Computer Aided Environmental Technologies. He moved into Corporate Innovation Labs during the “dotcom” boom and developed several methodologies for delivering large scale digital innovation. His work covered a broad spectrum from Human Computer Interactions to Smart Cities and large scale urban developments.

Stuart and has served on the National Library Board (NLB) IT Steering Committee, Ministry Of Health (MOH) Expert Panel on Innovation, SPRING SME Innovation Grant Approval Panel and the Design Singapore/EDB Innovation By Design Programme.

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