Sean O'Donnell

VP of Technology, Sapient

As VP of Technology, Sean is responsible for defining, and communicating Publicis.Sapient’s Technology strategy to our clients in EMEA and ASIA PAC. He is the creator of Sapient’s Technology Radar, which provides our clients with a rich insight into their technology investments. As a regular contributor to our Crossings Magazine and other industry publications, he provides thought leadership on a wide variety of topics.

He is the technology leader for Lloyds Banking Group’s new Digital API channel and is responsible for driving their adoption of APIs across the new GSR3 value streams. Having over 22 years’ experience he is a proven technology leader with extensive knowledge of capital markets technology platforms and architectures. He has both built and operated e-trading solutions for global investment banks, exchanges and brokerages.

Prior to joining Sapient, Sean was Director of Technology and Head of Product Management at First Derivatives PLC, where he designed and managed their global cloud-based FX trading platform. He also held a senior product management position at Siebel Systems.

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