Ricardo Costa

Chief Executive Officer, Loqr

Ricardo completed his degree in Computer Systems and Engineering at University of Minho in 2001 and began his professional activity in the banking / financial sector at SIBS SA. Later he participated in the creation of Multicert SA, where he collaborated in several national and international projects related to physical and digital identity. He concluded his Master in Communication Networks and Services at the University of Porto in 2005. He was one of the founders of Eurocloud Portugal. He was responsible for several security projects, cloud computing and teaching programs at Polytechnic of Porto. He is a senior researcher under the themes of Privacy, Security, Identity and its optimization through the use of Artificial Intelligence, having completed his PhD in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, in 2009 at University of Minho. Currently he is CEO at LOQR SA and Professor at Polytechnic of Porto.

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