Reynold Wijaya

Reynold Wijaya

Co-founder, Modalku

Reynold is the co-founder of Modalku and Funding Societies, pioneer peer-to-peer lending platforms for SMEs loans in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. His ultimate dream is to build a better Indonesia through business impacts. He started both companies while he was completing his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Prior to starting Funding Societies, Reynold was an executive at United Family Food, one of the largest confectioneries in Indonesia, leading operations, engineering team, and co-leading all plant managers. With more than 4,000 employees under his management, he led all expansion and efficiency projects and generated millions of dollars of savings through standardization of procedures, automation, and continuous production line.

Reynold holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and he graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Michigan with a Master and Bachelor degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. His passion in business and operations led him to do internships in various plants and companies during his college years, where he gained hands-on experience on leading operations.

Reynold is the co-founder of Let’s Go to School in Indonesia, a non-profit organization committed to help financially-challenged children resume education. Outside of work, Reynold enjoys spending time with his beloved family, networking (social chair of Asia Business Club while in Harvard Business School), travelling, and sports, where he played varsity level soccer.

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