Peter Jayaswal

Peter Jayaswal

Director Property Financing, Finans Danmark

Peter Jayaswal is the Executive Director of Property and Finance in Finance Denmark, where he is heading the Mortgage Secretariat. Prior to this, Peter served as the Deputy Director and Head of Capital Markets and Statistics in the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks. His other previous positions include Deputy Manager of Banking Services and Head of Central Bank and Retail Bank Operations at the Central Bank of Denmark. Peter also worked in The Danish Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Jayaswal holds a M.Sc. Degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and a Master in Business Administration from Henley Business School (UK). Further, Mr. Jayaswal has been teaching Civics at the University of Copenhagen and acted as a visiting lecturer at Copenhagen Business School in Danish Economy. Mr. Jayaswal is certified as Mindjuice Leadercoach.

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