Pablo de la Riva

Founder and CEO, Buguroo

Pablo de la Riva founded his first company when he was 21 years old – a security consulting firm – and buguroo is his first software startup experience. He has been working in the anti-fraud sector for almost 15 years, first as a cyber-security analyst, then as a team leader, later as CTO with almost 200 people reporting to him and now as CEO.

He is passionate about his work. He really believes in what he is doing and is very demanding with the results. When he was little, he wanted to study architecture. It’s something he loves —the design of houses, buildings, skyscrapers… He has always believed that your work has to be something you enjoy, and he would say that he discovered he liked architecture very early. However, when he was given his first computer when he was 12 years old, in the midst of the internet boom, he was hacked and suddenly all his previous plans were blown away.

An intruder gained control of his system and began talking to him. He didn’t know who it was and they didn’t know who he was. However, they had control of the device that my family had made such an effort to buy. He didn’t know how it could have happened, or where the intruder was. He asked himself, ‘how is this possible?’ A stranger taking control of another stranger’s system… He was fascinated. He thought it was so exciting that right then and there he saw clearly that architecture would have to wait!

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