Morten Kvam

Chief Communications Officer and Co-founder, Hudya

Morten Kvam, Co-Founder and Chief Communications Manager of Hudya Group, lives and works in Oslo. He is “Dottore in Economia e Commercio” from University of Parma, Italy and he has taken Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Mr. Kvam was a part of the founding team of the first Norwegian comparison business, Norsk Familieøkonomi and has also been Senior Vice President at OBOS, the largest Nordic cooperative building association as well as a director at SEB kort. During all his professional career, focus has been on building, expanding and increasing value of large customer bases in different ways. A firm belief in placing the customer at the center of everything stays Morten Kvam particularly at heart – especially regarding user-friendliness and transparency, always searching to improve value chains to the best for both customers and the owners of the business.

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