Michaela Seimen Howat

Executive Director, Sustainable Debt Strategist, UBS

Michaela Seimen Howat is a Sustainable Investing (SI) Strategist in the Chief Investment Office Wealth Management. She joined UBS in April 2018 from Scope Ratings, a European credit rating agency, where she was a senior analyst for financial institutions. At Scope Ratings she led a project team for the assessment and implementation of ESG criteria in the credit rating process.

Michaela has more than 15 years of international experience in the credit and debt markets. Prior to joining Scope Ratings, Michaela was a rates strategist within the Investment Banking Divisions of Royal Bank of Canada, Barclays and UBS in London where she covered Supranationals, Sub-Sovereigns & Agencies, as well as Covered Bonds. She was responsible for advising institutional clients with a global coverage. Michaela also worked in counterparty risk management for financial institutions at UBS in London and, from 2003 until 2006, she worked as a bank analyst for Moody’s in Frankfurt and London.

Michaela studied Economics with a focus on International Business Relationships and International Market Management at the Universities of Passau and Muenster, Germany,  and received a Masters degree.



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