Lana Abdullayeva

Founding Director, Chez FinTech

Scientist by education, strategist by experience and visionary by heart, Lana is driven by her curiosity and passion for new inventions. She has spent the last three decades in Tech & Fin internationally – launching, investing, and growing successful businesses and well-recognised brands. A seasoned Exec & NED, she brings a strong vantage point on how businesses evolve in the digital age. She advocates for reshaping economics and governance over traditional models in order to drive growth.

As a Founding Director of Chez FinTech, she works with public and private sectors to drive progress in the digital economy. Chez FinTech is a board-level advisory, working with investors and inventors, as well as economic regulators, driving evolution through Tech & Fin across established and fast-growing economies. Our clients are award winning businesses, industry pioneers and market leaders, leading economic regulators and blue-chip investment firms.

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