Kathie Gatens

Global Head of Fraud Risk, HSBC

Kathie took on the role of Global Head of Fraud Risk at HSBC in 2017 after 10 years in the HSBC US Fraud team.  The Fraud function is part of HSBC’s Financial Crime Threat Mitigation group, which seeks to protect HSBC from financial crime risk by harnessing intelligence, advanced analytics, technology, investigations and public-private collaboration to identify emergent financial crime risk.  The Fraud Function also provides risk stewardship for the businesses as they balance the risk of fraud losses against customer experience.

Kathie has previously worked in Fraud Risk roles for Bank of New York, Morgan Stanley and ABM Amro prior to joining HSBC. For several years she served as Vice Chair of the New York External Fraud Committee, a collection of financial institutions and law enforcement groups that share fraud trends and mitigation opportunities and currently serves as a member of the MasterCard US Fraud Advisory Council.

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