Finbar Hage

Global Head of Data, AI & Analytics, Rabobank

Finbar Hage currently is global head of Data, AI and Analytics within Rabobank. His roots are digital. Finbar started his career within Rabobank, then a clear frontrunner on the internet. He joined forces with Reed Elsevier to start the then biggest digital B2B platform in the Netherlands. Offering a mix of specialised content and online services to companies. In 2004 Finbar was appointed managing director of the first full Digital BankĀ  in the Netherlands; MoneYou. The company proceeded to extend its digital offerings with an own line of savings, investments and loans.

Finbar left digital banking to start at international leisure & travel specialist Thomas Cook. As a member of the board, he headed the digital transformation for both the Dutch and Belgian based companies. After securing a strong and healthy digital footprint for both, Finbar concentrated on building a London based centralised Digital company for Thomas Cook Global.

In 2012 Finbar joined Rabobank again. With roles in marketing and channels, he proceeded to merge the various efforts on data into a centralised team for Data & Analytics. As global head of Data & Analytics and executive vice president he is part of the Digital Transformation team, driving the digital change for Rabobank.

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