Faisal Jazuli

General Manager, Information Technology, Bank Negara Indonesia
Muhammad Faisal Jazuli is the GM of IT Solution & Security at BNI. He is responsible for BNI’s end-to-end IT solution development as an IT strategic partner for business’ units across Indonesia, including overseas branches at Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo Japan, Seoul South Korea, London UK, and New York USA. He is also responsible for the implementation of agile development process to highly enhanced BNI’s IT capabilities.
Faisal is currently involved with BNI Digination, which support digital banking initiation, by implementing Application Programming Interface (API) management system to simplify utilization of BNI product and services, and by having partnership with Fintech Accelerator to allow access to growing Fintech startup which are beneficial to BNI’s business, process, and stakeholders. Faisal is also involved with BNI’s branchless banking initiatives to address the financial inclusion program from regulators, by developing and implementing BNI Agen46 which allows rapid implementation in Indonesia, to support social aid distributions to villagers, fishermans, schools, and others in need.

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