Eliot Heilpern

Eliot Heilpern

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Parthenon Communications

Eliot is a Global Client Relationship Banker, and International Payments Consultant to the Payments Industry and its participants. He is also a former UK CEO of a UN/UNICEF international organisation

He maintains a strong understanding of the Financial Eco-System, having spent more than 25 years in the industry, in the UK and overseas.

He has held senior industry positions covering Retail, Wholesale and Corporate Banking, and is a seasoned executive and multi-disciplinary business leader. He is well experienced at the intersection of payments, global relationship banking, risk, and supporting technologies and required industry regulation.

Eliot’s core areas of expertise are: Client Engagement, Revenue Generation, Global Transaction Services, Payments, and International Cash Management.

He is renowned for speaking engagements on the banking and payments industry; on social issues, and economic events of international concern; including ethical matters in the financial, commercial, and not-for-profit sectors.

Eliot’s mission is to: Review, Challenge, Improve and Inspire.

His hobbies are: Classic Films of Hollywood, Music, Keep-Fit, and Theatre

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