David Capezza

David Capezza

VP, Europe Risk Advisory, Europe Risk, VISA

David Capezza is Vice President, Europe Risk Advisory and lead UK and Ireland Risk Advisor, responsible for managing risk engagement across Visa’s European market. Previously, David led Ecosystem Risk in Europe responsible for identifying, mitigating, and managing risks to Visa clients in the region. Prior, David led Visa’s Payment Systems Intelligence team in Payment Fraud Disruption, responsible for identifying and disrupting fraud activities targeting Visa clients, merchants, and the overall payments ecosystem globally. His team was responsible for creating key Visa capabilities, including Visa Account Attack Intelligence, Vital Signs Cashout Monitoring, Visa Payment Threats Lab, Payment Threat Intelligence, Real-Time Attack Disruption, and eCommerce Threat Disruption, among others. David joined Visa in the Cyber Security, Cyber Defense team.

Prior to Visa, he gained extensive government and intelligence experience, holding positions within the US Department of State, Department of Defense and government consulting engagements. David holds a Master’s degree in Russian and Eurasian affairs and the Russian language from George Washington University, holds multiple information security certifications, and has authored numerous publications.

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