Dan Bolland

Director, Banking, KPMG

Dan re-joined KPMG in late 2014 and leads EPM for financial services, with a broad remit around decision making and analytics. Dan has spent his career in a number of functions and projects but always with a view to making better, faster decisions and asking better questions of those charged with answering. With experience gained over the last 10 years working in teams from pricing, risk, full strategic reviews, cost and tax, Dan has seen how the increasing role of data has called for new skills to improve previous ways of working.

Formerly Dan was Global Head of the Retail Analytics team at Barclays and prior to that he spent an exciting time working at Northern Rock after the crisis, as well as working for a period at KPMG and HBoS. Dan is from Lancashire, has a wife and 2 children and teaches accountancy at the weekend for BPP.

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