Cynthia Nadal

Managing Director, Head of FinTech, Founders Factory

Cynthia spent 11 years at the heart of the unicorn Markit (now IHS Markit) which floated in 2014 on the Nasdaq for a $5B valuation and is now worth $20B+. Cynthia is holding positions on multiple advisory boards and was nominated for Best Female-Led Angel Investment 2018 award by the UK Business Angel Association. She has the experience combining investment expertise with scaling a successful business.

Cynthia is passionate about innovation (especially AI, blockchain, SpaceTech, EdTech), and impact investments. She cares about start-ups as well as moonshots, this is why she joined JEDI (Joint European Disruptive Initiative) as an executive committee member in 2018.

Cynthia holds a Masters in Finance and International Business as well as an MBA. She has worked in Connecticut, New York, India, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and is now based in London.

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