Chee Seng Liew

Advisor, The Co-operative Bank

From July 2013, Mr Liew was appointed the Senior Deputy Managing Director for Co-Operative Bank Ltd
in Myanmar and his responsibilities include overseeing the International Banking Division including
trade, payments, foreign currency accounts, financial institutions relationship management and business
development for corporate customers. Since February 2016, he has been re-appointed as Advisor to the
Bank and Member of the Executive Management Committee.

Mr Liew has worked with the Raja Garuda Emas Group where he was responsible for funding for
working capital and medium term financing from 2010 to 2012. Subsequently as the Asia Pacific Head of
Financial Institutions for First Gulf Bank, his key role was to develop the Financial Institutions network
together with trade and loans business in the Asia Pacific region.

Prior to 2010, he has worked with the Qatar National Bank, the United Overseas Bank, and the Chase
Manhattan Bank in Singapore in business development for financial institutions and transaction services.

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