Cameron MacQuarrie

Cameron MacQuarrie

Head of Strategic Customer Transformation Group, ServiceNow

Cameron is known for creating value where organisations that serve and sell to us, strive to respond to macro economic factors by transforming their operating models.

He has 25+ years’ experience in transformation roles at the intersection of strategy, technology, process and macro factors for leading brands, Barclays, ING, ServiceNow, The SAS Institute and Cisco. He is proven to turn insights into a system of action across complex ecosystems, stakeholders and platforms, by driving a laser-like focus on “what” needs to happen for the current and target customer outcomes and accelerating the “how” with trusted architectures and interdependent roadmaps, executed with empowered colleagues.

Cameron has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Glasgow; in his spare time he volunteers to organise interesting speakers and events for TEDx and sits on the IFRS working group for climate disclosures.


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