Bianca Ho

Bianca Ho

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Clare.AI

Bianca Ho is the co-founder and COO of Clare.AI. Award winning Clare.AI builds industry-specific conversational digital assistant that understands 10+ Asian languages across multiple platforms. We empower enterprises to engage their customers in a natural and reliable way at-scale.

She was formerly business development manager of Zendesk, responsible for their expansion into China market. She worked closely with Zendesk’s executive team on developing and executing the strategy.

She started her career in JP Morgan Private Banking servicing the ultra high net worth clients in Hong Kong.

She previously co-founded Dotkids, a startup aiming to create a children friendly space online by applying for .kids domain name. She is also a active youth advocate in Internet governance, and is selected as one of the youngest members of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group in the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (“UNIGF”).

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