Benedicto Haryono

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Koinworks

Benedicto Haryono spent his earlier years in the States and brought back his dream to his home country along with his friend to establish KoinWorks, a digital financial service for the unbankables. His initial mission was to open wider financial access for multiple layers of Indonesians which made him an Indonesian sociopreneur enables society to receive what they deserve. This University of Michigan graduates follows his dream to create solution for any financial needs in the country through a P2P lending platform supporting lenders and borrowers to meet their expectation.

In addition to it, the growth of digital SME in Indonesia has been motivating Benedicto and the whole team to help the players expanding their business with the supports of lenders who are willing to seek for social doings. All the trusts he received from over 370,000 users sparked the energy to continue supporting Government to open financial inclusion in Indonesia.

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