Adrian Gunadi

Adrian Gunadi

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Investree

Adrian completed his bachelor degree in Faculty of Economics in University of Indonesia and MBA at Rotterdam School of Management.

His last role was Director of Retail Banking at Bank Muamalat Indonesia – managing SME, consumer, micro, liabilities, and e-banking across 400 branches.

Trained as a banker since the beginning, Adrian was all too aware with the difficulties of getting financial access from formal institution, he knew that there must be a better way. By creating Investree, he’s putting all his banking experience to digitalize financial inclusion in Indonesia and help businesses and individuals.

Adrian has extensive network and relationship with financial institutions, SOE, private sector, and regulators in Indonesia. A Self-starter with a passion for building robust business model and technology. He has diverse experiences in product structuring, origination, credit, retail network, restructuring, and digital – branchless banking. HE is also avid sports enthusiast with passion in running and golf.



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