Adam Preis

Adam Preis

Solution Marketing Director, Ping Identity

Tech whisperer. Pipeline maestro. Value sculptor. My decade-long crusade? Unleashing tech’s magic and igniting user adoption like wildfire. It’s not just about features, it’s about stories that resonate, strategies that move the needle, and pipelines that sing sweet melodies. My playground? Product and solution marketing. From brand alchemy to sizzling launches, I weave narratives that captivate, convert, and drive value deeper than any algorithm. Whether it’s financial services, fintech, or healthcare, I dive headfirst into industries, crafting GTM symphonies that make customers swoon. My secret weapons? Keynote charisma: From Gartner to MoneyLive, I’ve captivated audiences with stories that stick like rocket fuel. Content choreography: Blog posts, webinars, even airwaves – I turn words into engagement gold, dancing across every channel. ABM artistry: I personalize experiences like nobody’s business, driving pipeline to new heights with laser-focused campaigns. Bringing this juice to the IAM world for over 5 years and counting. 

Adam Preis is a Senior Product & Solution Marketing Manager at ForgeRock, and is responsible for industry marketing in the EMEA region. Over the past 10 years, Adam has taken a number of digital offerings to market, managed complex technology projects, and led customer and partner relationships across the private and public sectors.

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