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Supercharging value creation in banking: a roadmap for delivery at speed

Taking value-adding propositions from strategy to execution through progressive modernisation


12 June | 11am CEST | Online

The death of one-size-fits-all banking is upon us and tailored, value-adding customer propositions are now critical for banks looking to achieve market-differentiation. From wallets and PFM, to robo-advice and Gen AI-powered journeys, banks must identify the most pressing customer priorities for today’s digital age and design their CX strategies accordingly.

This roundtable will bring together experts in CX, data, innovation and IT to discuss the roadmap to CX excellence and the challenges to achieving progressive modernisation, from legacy architecture to data optimisation.

What we will explore:

  • Outlining the end goal: from serving the individual to accelerating delivery, what are the VAS priorities?
  • Modernising legacy architecture: what are the IT challenges when launching new value propositions, and how can they be overcome?
  • Execution and delivery: from micro-segmentation to platform technology, achieving seamless, speedy and structured engagement banking

Welcome and participant introductions

Scene Setter | The death of one-size-fits-all banking


  • The fall of one-size-fits-all: what are the pitfalls and how should banks rethink their approach?
  • Hygiene factors vs tailored and value-adding proposition: what are the key differentiators?
  • The need for speed: how can banks decrease time to market for new value propositions?
  • Approaching architecture ‘from the inside out’: what infrastructure sticking points must banks overcome?
  • Understanding and using micro-segmentation: how to unlock new personalisation heights.
  • Integration, quality, consent: overcoming data challenges to achieve next level tailoring
  • The future of value propositions: how can a connected, real-time, modular approach to IT unlock value from the ‘internet of things’?

Closing remarks

(60 minutes)

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This roundtable is designed for senior figures working across banking and financial services.

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About Backbase

Backbase enables banks to break free from the constraints of legacy IT systems and embrace a new-generation engagement banking platform.

Our whitelabel platform enables banks to gradually replace or decompose disparate legacy systems and construct a modern journey orchestration architecture around customer needs. These incremental changes allow banks to streamline business critical customer journeys across all touch points while eliminating silos and empowering both customers and employees at their unique pace and priority.

Furthermore, a unique “buy plus build” operating model enables banks to gain speed and flexibility, allowing them to accelerate in their modernization journey. Adopting powerful out-of-the-box platform features and customer journeys into their existing tech ecosystem, enables banks to start delivering immediate value. At the same time the platform’s capability to coexist in open polyglot architectures gives developers the freedom and flexibility to build unique, differentiating value, rather than building the basic functionalities from scratch.

With Backbase, banks can truly unlock the potential of customer-centricity and lead the way in shaping the future of banking. We help banks re-architecting banking around their customers through omni-channel engagement orchestration.

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