Fighting fraud in the new payments arena

Achieving bullet-proof security in e-payments: levelling up counter-fraud strategies for banks & corporate clients


16 September | 4:20pm CDT | The Westin Chicago River North, Chicago

Today’s payment ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Banks are not only faced with the need to support a higher volume of digital payments and prepare for instant payments roll-out, but also combat increasingly innovative fraudsters looking to exploit weak links. As technology, particularly AI, grows more sophisticated, so do criminals; relying on legacy counter fraud systems and processes no longer cuts it. In the digital era, signatory rights have become too easy to circumvent, while banking details shared via emails or PDFs are easily forged – current processes are simply inadequate to fight payment fraud. This roundtable will discuss how banks can navigate increasingly sophisticated fraud in e-payments, as well as strategies to ensure bulletproof security and robust verification / authentication within the new payments ecosystem.

Attend to gain insights on:

  • How to move beyond legacy approaches to counter fraud and ensure robust verification
  • How to overcome the lack of visibility when verifying payment transactions
  • Practical steps to go beyond just credentials and signatory rights in the digital era
  • From deepfakes to synthetic reality: how to stay ahead of fraudsters in an AI world

Welcome and participant introductions

Scene Setter | Payments fraud in North America: the evolving landscape


  • The fight against fraud: how is the payments ecosystem evolving and how must counter-fraud measures adapt?
  • Deepfakes, synthetic reality, forged documents: what are the risks of AI and how can they be mitigated?
  • Advanced analytics and AI: how is AI set to transform real-time fraud detection?
  • Ensuring uncompromisable verification: moving away from email, letters and PDFs
  • Lack of visibility during the payment process: to what extent is this the weakest link in the process? How can this be improved?
  • Beyond credentials and signatory rights: how can banks strengthen security for electronic payments?
  • Transforming counter fraud systems and processes at speed: where do the priorities lie?

Closing remarks

(60 minutes)



Oran Barkai, General Manager, US, nsKnox


Oran is the General Manager, US at nsKnox, responsible for the company’s commercial activities and operations in North America.

Oran brings over 15 years of global experience in the Financial Technology, Insurance Technology, and E-Commerce sectors, in both private and public companies.

Prior to joining the company, Oran served as the Director of strategic sales and business development at Kornit Digital (KRNT) in North America. In this role, Oran was responsible for the company’s strategic clients in North America, as well as the Go-To-Market effort and expansion into new strategic segments and product categories in the space.

Prior to that, he served as a Management Consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specializing in Financial Institutions and digital transformation. In this role, Oran worked with global financial institutions on their digital strategy, in both the retail and commercial sectors.

Oran holds an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and LL.B in Law, and B.A in Economics from Tel Aviv University.

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Assaf Dargan, Vice President Marketing & Sales Operations, nsKnox


Assaf is a marketing and communications executive with over two decades of experience, working with international (public and private) B2B tech companies.

He leads the company’s marketing team with a mission to convey the nsKnox message to the world and educate the market on the need for robust B2B payments fraud protection.

Before joining nsKnox Assaf served as the Head of Marketing in China and Director of Communications & Brand in the EMEA & APAC regions at Riskified, a leading fraud management platform enabling frictionless eCommerce. Before that he served as Global Communications and Marketing Manager at Appnext, a mobile discovery platform company.

Assaf holds an MBA and a BA in Business Management and Communications from the College of Management, Tel Aviv.

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About nsKnox

nsKnox is a fintech-security company enabling banks and corporations to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with B2B payments. We help organizations avoid significant financial losses, heavy fines, and reputational damage.

nsKnox can:

  • Prevent corporate payment fraud across different fraud vectors, including deepfake AI;
  • Remove major inefficiencies for the bank’s corporate clients as a result of manual labor to verify new vendors (payees) and safely maintain data and
  • Create potential new revenue streams for the bank as part of their Cash and/or Treasury Management solution portfolio.


  • Replacing unsecured bank letters with secure, verifiable, and trackable bank letters;
  • Positive Pay for Electronic Payments: for any electronic payment – ensures the payee and transaction are correct, legitimate, and internally approved by your customer BEFORE processing this transaction
  • Account Validation that is truly global and deterministic, resulting in end-to-end payment security, well beyond any partial solutions you may have in place.

To learn more, visit https://nsknox.net/

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