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Unlocking the power of data-driven banking

In this discussion, find out how unlocking the power of data can help you make better decisions to drive strategic transformation in your organisation.

The panel discusses:

  • Succeeding in today’s competitive environment: exploring the potential of data to change banking products, experiences and working methods
  • Personalised, seamless, convenient: digging into customer expectations and how they can be met
  • How can various data sets be effectively utilised to tailor experiences and offers to customers?
  • Making the leap from traditional analytics to intelligent customer decisioning and real-time interactions
  • Learning from Big Tech: looking beyond transactional data to create new insights from different data sources
  • Unlocking the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Scaling these data-centric capabilities across the wider business: how can this be achieved?

Hear from our expert panel:

Matthew Sattler, Director of Business Development & Data Science, Data & Analytics, HSBC

Angel Serrano, Head of Data Science, Santander

Shashank Khare, Head of Group Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Tiffany Carpenter, Head of Customer Intelligence, SAS UK & Ireland

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