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The open data imperative: personalised banking in a real-time world

Optimising open data strategies to drive innovation and deliver value for customers in real-time

The API economy has taken flight and the open data ecosystem has now entered a state of maturity. The question is, how can banks maintain competitive edge and deliver personalised propositions at speed? Key to thriving in this fast-moving open ecosystem, is seizing the opportunity of unified data to provide real-time value for customers.

Watch this webinar to discover how banks stay relevant and ahead of the innovation curve by harnessing the untapped potential of today’s open ecosystem through unified and real-time data insights.



Discussion points

  • What is the current state of the open ecosystem, and what future advancements should banks prepare for now?
  • Going beyond regulation: what new value can be created with cross-sector data in the open ecosystem?
  • Tapping into data potential: what new and enriched data sources do open ecosystem partnerships and cross-sector APIs unlock?
  • From higher volumes to data siloes: what are the key challenges when extracting value from the open data ecosystem, and how can they be overcome?
  • Future proofing architectures to avoid recreating the same data silos and make ready for new technologies such as generative AI?
  • Process, analyse, act: how do systems and teams have to evolve for this way of working?
  • Structuring data for CX optimisation: how can banks unify data to gain holistic customer insights?
  • Streamlined, simplified, accessible: what is the key to boosting speed of insights to action?
  • Real-time, personalised and value-adding: using unified data to deliver competitive products.
  • Blue-sky thinking: what new avenues for innovation could real-time, holistic data insights unlock?

Watch to gain insight on:

  • Setting a new open innovation agenda: adopting an innovation and data-first approach.
  • Rethinking data strategies for the API economy: unifying data to generate holistic, real-time and actionable insights at speed.
  • Delivering competitive and personalised products at speed: unlocking the transformative potential of real-time insights in the open ecosystem.

Hear from our expert panel:

Abdur Rahman, Head of Product – Client Data & Analytics, BCB, Lloyds Banking Group

Himanshu Jha, Former Co-Chief Data Officer, Barclays & Former CIO-Cloud, TSB Bank

Dr Raj Dash, Head of Risk Analytics, Virgin Money

Tom Renwick, Head of Business Lending, Atom Bank

Stuart Simmons, Sales Director, Banking and Finance, Denodo

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