The next era of UK payments innovation and infrastructure

Hear from Pay.UK, Santander and NatWest on how to prepare for the payments revolution

  • What’s next for payments innovation?
  • How will new technology and competition continue to transform the UK payments landscape?
  • From point of sale to RTP: what innovations lie on the horizon and how can banks move with speed?
  • Future-proofing payments for a new era of infrastructure
  • What are the main drivers for the NPA? What level of modernisation is required?
  • What steps do players need to take to prepare for NPA testing and certification?
  • A spotlight on ISO20022: what short and long-term effects will we see?
  • What effect will new infrastructures have on cyber security, fraud and resilience?
  • What further overlay services can the industry expect?


Hear from our expert panel:

Shane Warman, NPA Programme Director, Pay.UK

Becky Clements, Interim Head Industry Engagement, Pay.UK

Paul Horlock, Chief Payments Officer, Santander

Adrian Smyth, Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, NatWest Group

Andy Morris, Account Executive Immediate Payments, ACI Worldwide

Produced in partnership with:

ACI Worldwide - MoneyLIVE

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