The next era of UK payments innovation and infrastructure

Hear from Pay.UK, Santander and NatWest on how to prepare for the payments revolution

  • What’s next for payments innovation?
  • How will new technology and competition continue to transform the UK payments landscape?
  • From point of sale to RTP: what innovations lie on the horizon and how can banks move with speed?


Shane Warman - MoneyLIVE

Shane Warman

NPA Programme Director, Pay.UK

Becky Clements - MoneyLIVE

Becky Clements

Interim Head Industry Engagement, Pay.UK

Paul Horlock

Chief Payments Officer, Santander

Adrian Smyth, Natwest Group

Adrian Smyth

Head of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, NatWest Group

Andy Morris - MoneyLIVE

Andy Morris

Account Executive Immediate Payments, ACI Worldwide

  • Future-proofing payments for a new era of infrastructure
  • What are the main drivers for the NPA? What level of modernisation is required?
  • What steps do players need to take to prepare for NPA testing and certification?
  • A spotlight on ISO20022: what short and long-term effects will we see?
  • What effect will new infrastructures have on cyber security, fraud and resilience?
  • What further overlay services can the industry expect?


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