The business case for diversity: deep dive with Joo Runge 

In conversation with Joo Runge, CEO, Women in Tech Denmark


Published: 12 December 2023

By May Moorwood

Digital Content Producer

In this episode of the MoneyLIVE Podcast, we’ll be hearing from Joo Runge (CEO, Women in Tech Denmark) on the power of diverse boards and leadership in delivering better business results.  

Listen to gain insights on: 

  • Navigating the nuances of diversity and inclusion: what do these terms mean for banks? 
  • Beyond the buzzwords: how to take diversity from box ticking, towards meaningful diversity 
  • Building the business case: the necessity of diverse boards and leadership to enhance business performance 

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Joo Runge

CEO, Women in Tech Denmark



Joo Runge is a trained lawyer from 2002 with an international M&A background and also has a financial Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (HD part 1). Since 2008, Joo Runge has expanded her field of work beyond law and finance, and has actively worked  commercially with companies in the financial sector. Her diverse background has led to an impressive board career, having served on more than 12 boards since 2013. 

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