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Tackling financial crime in the new banking landscape

In this discussion, listen to our experts develop an enterprise-wide fraud strategy to best protect customers and financial institutions during uncertain times.

The panel discusses:

  • Towards a digital, real-time and cashless society: unpacking the impacts on customer behaviour and financial crime
  • The evolution of fraud in the new normal: how have weaknesses been exploited to date, and what could be targeted next?
  • New channels across banking and payments: what are customers using and how do they align with current anti-financial crime strategies?
  • Monitoring multiple channels to identify anomalies: how can this be optimised and rolled out at scale?
  • The rise of contextual payments: successfully detecting fraudulent activity on social media
  • How might vulnerable customers be targeted, and what can corporations do to better protect them?
  • In what ways must the education piece be improved internally and externally?

Hear from our expert panel:

Sune Gabelgård, Head of Financial Crime Prevention, MobilePay

Helena Wall, Head of Fraud Intelligence & Analysis Fraud Management, Nordea

Subramanian Viswanathan, Director, Digital Banking & Innovation, Standard Chartered Bank

Keith Stanton, International Product Manager (Fraud & Risk), FIS

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