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The future of autonomous self-service in banking

Leveraging the power of intelligent automation to transform self-service experiences in banking


This webinar will bring together senior leaders in banking to shed light on how automation, self-service design and AI can be used to optimise autonomous user experiences in a digital-first era.

  • The autonomous customer: assessing the drivers for self-service
  • What products and services are best suited to self-service automation, and why?
  • Designing the self-service experience: what are the key considerations for the front and back end?
  • Going beyond digital onboarding and card replacements: how can self-service be taken to the next level?
  • Making the leap to intelligent self-service: how can automation, virtual agents and AI be effectively incorporated into existing customer journeys?
  • Knowing when to bring in a human agent: balancing self-service with the human touch
  • Serving a bigger purpose: uncovering the potential of self-service to drive financial inclusion and improve financial wellbeing

Hear from our expert panel:

Anthony Flack, Head of Digital Delivery, Santander UK

Chris Murphy, Head of Customer Journey Design, Lloyds Banking Group

Craig Wellman, Director Financial Services, Microsoft

Tiffany Carpenter, Head of Customer Intelligence, SAS UK & Ireland

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