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Preparing for the Great Wealth Transfer: embracing a digital first approach while retaining the essential human connection


Shifting demographics, rising costs and ever-increasing digital expectations




This year the great challenge facing wealth and asset managers, private banks and offices, and investment advisors is how to build services and capabilities that can meet the changing needs of the client while tackling heightening costs across the value chain.


  • From onboarding to reporting – what will excellent client experience in wealth management look like by 2030?
  • The ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ and beyond – how should products and propositions pivot to attract new market segments? How can firms demonstrate value to new and multi-generational client bases?
  • Self-service vs the human touch – Is a hybrid advisory approach the key to keeping up with the changing needs of a new generation of clients and remaining competitive?
  • Hyper-personalised, timely and relevant communications – how can asset managers provide more interactive, richer reporting and servicing options to build and retain trust?
  • How are firms currently dealing with both rising costs and regulatory pressures?
  • What opportunities will there be for diversifying services and products into other industries?

Hear from our expert panel:

John Williams, Head of Wealth Planning, Nedbank Private Wealth

Cara Williams, Senior Partner, Global ESG Strategy Lead Wealth Management and Multinational Client Lead for Wealth, Mercer

Chris Loake, Chief Technology & Operations Officer, C. Hoare & Co.

Karen Oakland, VP Financial Services Marketing, Smart Communications

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