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Preparing for and Capitalising on ISO 20022

In this TV panel, panellists discuss how organisations can benefit from ISO 20022

The panel discusses:

  • Unpacking the benefits of ISO 20022: from harmonisation to fraud prevention & straight-through processing to data analytics
  • Ensuring readiness: what must the various elements of the payments value chain do now?
  • Analysing the challenges: what hurdles remain on the path to compliance?
  • Understanding the urgency: why is this change necessary now?
  • To what extent might ISO 20022 be a catalyst for real change and overhaul in payments?
  • Taking advantage of data influx: what new opportunities will flow from this new enriched data?
  • How could concrete action around ISO20022 help organisations stand out from the crowd?
  • In what ways will ISO 20022 build a payments infrastructure responsive to unpredictable and emerging change?

Stéphane Teisserenc, Head of Payment Infrastructure, HSBC

Neil Buchan, Senior Payments Expert, SWIFT

Guy Moons, Head, International Solution Consultants, Enterprise Payments, FIS

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