Optimising operations: how to build the workforce of tomorrow

Interview with Petra Karmteg, Chief Operating Officer, DNB Sweden

It’s fair to say that the Covid-19 pandemic caused disruption to all workplaces, and day-to-day operations quickly had to adapt to keep the ship afloat. We sat down with Petra Karmteg, Chief Operating Officer of DNB Sweden, to unpack these operational changes – both the good and the bad – and got her thoughts on the potential of a ‘hybrid’ workforce.

Has the pandemic changed the future of work in banking for good? Are there any changes made that have stayed since and will continue to stay long-term?

Being more digital is definitely here to stay – there are too many benefits in this way of working for us to go back to the old way. It has made us more flexible, it has improved the work-life balance for many of our employees, it saves us money and it is more sustainable for both people and our planet. The way we conduct meetings is a perfect example, we will no longer travel to another city or country for just one meeting and all meetings will have to be prepared for a digital mode.

“We have definitely been forced to prioritize and increase the speed in digital innovations and solutions”

Are there circumstances where remote working and new processes have actually improved products and services?

I am not sure that product development in itself has improved by remote working but we have definitely been forced to prioritize and increase the speed in digital innovations and solutions, which of course is something that is very important for our customers.

“There will not be one size fits all when it comes to hybrid.”

Is there an optimum combination between human and digital to achieve the perfect ‘hybrid workforce’?

There will not be one size fits all when it comes to hybrid. Every company or department will have to try out what is the optimal combination for them. Some processes or groups work the best with much human interaction and some work just fine digitally. It will be important to consider business needs as well as personal needs when determining your hybrid workforce going forward.

Petra is a skilled leader with 20 years leadership experience. 12 years as a consultant at Accenture with industry experience from bank, insurance, logistics, government, telecom and more. 10 years experience as a line manager at Storebrand, responsible for the development portfolio and now at DNB Sweden as COO. Extensive experience from successful change initiatives where the implementation of strategies have contributed to simplicity, increased profitability, increased growth as well as increased engagement from employees. Focused on strategy and analysis work as well as operative change work in the interface between IT and business and previously headed a successful agile transformation across entire organization.

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