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Hyperautomation in banking

Leveraging AI-decisioning to supercharge the customer experience

Hyperautomation holds the key to banks delivering fast, relevant and safe experiences across the entire customer journey. Join our panel of banking experts as they discuss how AI-driven decisioning and automation provide the tools to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Why is the integration of AI-enabled decisioning and automation now critical to good banking CX?
  • How can hyperautomation deliver competitive edge in open banking, embedded finance and more?
  • How can AI unlock real-time data for fast, fully individualised, contextual, secure and frictionless experiences?
  • Automating onboarding and loan origination: what are the parameters and how can pitfalls be avoided?
  • From chatbots to process-triggering virtual assistants: how can AI analytics help banks to make the move?
  • Creating hyperautomated processes quickly: the challenge of legacy and the potential of low code/no code
  • Good Governance: how can banks ensure automated decisions are always ethical and fully explainable?

Hear from our expert panel:

Catherine Zhou, Chief Information Officer and Global Head of Venture, Digital Innovation & Partnerships, HSBC

Gerald Pullen, Product Owner – Intelligent Automation, Lloyds Banking Group

Johnny Steele, Head of Banking UKI, SAS

Niall Archibald, Head of Industry Strategy – Financial Services, Microsoft

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