Generative AI in action: revolutionising onboarding in banking

From ID verification to speed to personalisation: uncovering how generative AI can enhance onboarding experiences

The rise of ChatGPT is marking a new era for financial services. Generative AI is set to transform the face of banking, and when it comes to onboarding, banks are now competing with the seamlessness and speed of BigTech titans where tailored, accurate and human experiences are considered ‘hygiene factors’.


This webinar explores the power of generative AI to revolutionise the onboarding experience for banking customers, from KYC and ID verification to delivering hyper-personalisation through AI-powered chatbots, guidance and more.

Watch to gain insight on:


  • Exploring the current use-cases of generative AI from Chat GPT and bots to intelligent guidance
  • Setting the standard for fast and fail-safe onboarding when banking in a generative AI world
  • Addressing the risks and regulations that come with generative AI in action

Hear from our expert panel:

Shashank Khare, Head of Group Strategy, Lloyds Banking Group

Vinita Ramtri, Former Global Head, API Standards and Governance, HSBC

James Longstaff, Vice President – Innovation Network, Deutsche Bank

Russ Cohn, General Manager EMEA, IDVerse – An OCR Labs Company

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