GenAI in action, ft N26

In conversation with Jean-Pierre Sleiman, Head of Digital Operations, N26 


Published: 17 November 2023

By May Moorwood

Digital Content Producer

In this episode of the MoneyLIVE Podcast, we’ll be hearing from Jean-Pierre Sleiman (Head of Digital Operations, N26) on how generative AI is impacting banks – from employees to innovation.  

Listen to gain insights on:  

  • What does generative AI look like in practice, in N26 and beyond? 
  • Spotlight on Neon: success stories and lessons learnt from a real-life chatbot 
  • Preparing your people: what skillsets to attract and retain in the age of gen AI  
  • Top takeaways for incumbents: Jean-Pierre’s shares his AI advice for the industry 

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Jean-Pierre Sleiman

Head of Data & Digital Operations, N26



Jean-Pierre Sleiman is the Head of Digital Operations at N26, where he oversees teams in charge of supporting the Operations department with AI, Automation, Data and Digital Solutions. He has been working on several innovative projects to enhance customer experience and efficiency, and has been particularly involved in scaling and improving Neon, N26′ Customer Service conversational AI, that handles several millions of customer interactions per year in 5 languages. 

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