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Futureproofing digital strategies for banks: towards optimal agility

In this discussion, find out how to take agile transformation strategies to the next level and prepare for a digital-only future.

The panel discusses:

  • Digitalisation strategies for the next banking era: what needs to change, and how to thrive in the “new normal”
  • From BigTech entry and neo banks to digital-only interactions and cost-optimisation: what’s driving banks to transform their digital capabilities?
  • Becoming a truly agile business: building flexibility into your transformation strategy through the use of cloud
  • Uncovering the possibilities of cloud-based analytics: what are the benefits to banks and their customers?
  • Technology as an enabler: in what ways can AI and RPA be applied to make processes more efficient?
  • A spotlight on ‘everything as-a-service’: how can banks capitalise on this opportunity?
  • How can technology and more flexible architectures improve resilience and facilitate innovation for years to come?

Hear from our expert panel:

Jeeban Panigrahi, Director of Architecture, Applied Research and Development & Ventures CTO, Barclays Bank

Vincent O’Dwyer, Head of IT Infrastructure Delivery, Bank of Ireland

Anil Saboo, Head of Financial Services Partnerships, Google Cloud

Paul Jones, Head of Technology UK&I, SAS

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